Pre-Interview Checklist To Keep You Organized

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Pre-Interview Checklist To Keep You Organized

At Ascension Management Inc, we know job interviews can be intense and stressful, but they’re an essential process to go through before you can get the job you really want. While it’s reasonable to be nervous and worried before the interview, with a little preparation you’ll be able to handle your job interview smoothly.

As experts, we’ve created a handy pre-interview checklist to help you with your job interview. Follow our checklist accurately so that your dream job is within reach!

1. Update your resume
Your resume should have all your information on it, like your full name, phone number, and email. This makes sure job boards don’t mess up any of your info. Make sure you always add your schooling: schools attended, when you attended, etc. And lastly, always provide at least two to three of your previous experiences. Make sure to have as much background on you as possible so your possible recruiter can connect with you and see how you can connect with the company and the job itself.

2. Research on the company you applied for
Check out the company website, social media, reviews, etc. Checking these out can give you a little more knowledge on what the company does, what they stand for, and so when they do call you to go over everything, you’ll know who is calling, why they’re calling, and be able to give them answers that they want to hear

3. Keep constant communication
If the company has reached out to you to go over your resume or application, you should contact them. Whether they called just to talk and get more information or actually booked you for an interview, you want to make sure you’re always following up if needed, answering any texts, emails, and phone calls. This is to make sure everyone is on the same page with everything, and there aren’t any changes or questions about where you are in the hiring process.

4. Ask about dress attire
Never be afraid to ask about dress attire for your interview. Of course, some places are a little more professional than others, so always make sure you’re prepared for that. When you ask it shows that you take the interview process seriously and want to be prepared.

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