How This New Direct Marketing Trend Could Help You

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How This New Direct Marketing Trend Could Help You

Sales events, product demos, and in-store visits are excellent forms of face-to-face marketing as you get to interact directly with customers, connect on a personal level and enhance brand equity.

However, during the height of the pandemic, it made it challenging to organize face-to-face events. Luckily, as things started to open up after the lockdown, we got back to arranging meetings with our client’s customers by following strict COVID-19 protocols.

The precautions included limiting the number of people at events, wearing face masks, and using hand sanitizers. We also took the temperature of our staff and informed them to remain at home if they experienced any symptoms.

Since the rollout of vaccines, the situation has become a little more relaxed. However, we have continued to follow all the necessary COVID-19 precautions to ensure we’re doing everything we can to keep our employees, clients, and consumers safe.

Direct marketing job opportunities

One of the most significant consequences of the pandemic was witnessing so many people lose their jobs. We were proud that we could do our bit for the community by offering entry-level jobs, leadership skills, and excellent growth opportunities during these unprecedented times.

Therefore, if you’re an individual looking to make a career change or an entrepreneur seeking fresh customer acquisition strategies, get in contact with us today.

At Ascension Management, Inc., we are a direct marketing and sales firm in New York City that can help you achieve your future goals sooner than expected.

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