Making A Difference In Customer Service At Ascension Management, Inc.

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Making A Difference In Customer Service At Ascension Management, Inc.


Ascension Management, Inc. is a direct marketing and sales firm in New Jersey. Our focus is on our people and helping them learn, grow, and develop not only professionally but personally as well. We dedicate our training to developing skilled leaders in business management. Our focus on employee growth, goals, and leadership skills is what helps us grow as a company and foster a great company culture.

We’re on track to open another location within the next few months, and we are consistently raising our clients’ sales each week. Consistency is key!

We take great pride in creating an atmosphere where our employees love to be and have all the tools necessary to thrive. People who work with us always have great things to say about the services we provide. We get multiple Google reviews and make it a commitment to provide only the best customer service and to genuinely help others. We’ve received reviews from customers saying how professional and helpful we are each time we work with them. We’ve had a few employees really go above and beyond with making sure the consumers are really set up with everything we need. We’ve also had other employees within our HR department that have been working really hard to recruit new employees since we were growing so fast and needed the extra hands.

Here’s what some of our reviews have to say:

- Lots of room for growth. You learn to develop communication and leadership skills. It focuses on a work-study environment. The managers are down to earn and set practical attainable goals for the employees. Lots of valuable life learning experiences.

- Looking forward to the future of society in this telecommunications world of things. It’s very diverse in its culture, which is the biggest pro about everything. I think this job has really taken me from where I was at to a better standpoint.

Our clients have been extremely happy with how we’ve been able to maximize the number of consumers they have. We’ve also been able to help them stay on top of the consumers they have so that way the consumers aren’t waiting around for help. Not to mention we’ve helped them raise their sales. Each week numbers are rising.

Here we believe in a strong and diverse company culture. We believe that when you are in that good workspace, you’ll provide good work. We want to make sure that everyone is able to come in happy and comfortable each day. We also have that open-door policy, especially within management, so if someone were to have any questions, comments, or concerns, there’s always someone to help.

If you are looking for a direct marketing and sales firm in New Jersey, reach out to us at Ascension Management, Inc. We help our clients strategize and find inroads into existing and emerging markets with our unique business model, innovative approach, and customized product presentations. While our results speak for themselves, the fuel that drives our recurring success is our team of associates. We offer entry-level jobs in direct sales marketing and business development across Garden City, Queens, Brooklyn, New York, Newark, Parsippany-Troy Hills, Morristown, Edison, and Middle Township New Jersey.

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