Women Empowerment Seminar On Zoom With ASCENSION MANAGEMENT, INC.

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Women Empowerment Seminar On Zoom With ASCENSION MANAGEMENT, INC.

In direct sales and marketing, we’ve noticed that the representation is heavily skewed toward men. So one of our women leaders, Alina, came up with the great idea to have a social group gathering of just women to learn from each other.

Therefore, the management decided to get behind the idea in a big way by launching a monthly women empowerment seminar. We’re hosting the workshop on Zoom, so any woman in any area can participate.

Every woman in our office will be attending the empowerment seminar. We’ve also informed all the other offices across the country so they can let their women within their offices imbibe tips and tricks from some of the most successful ladies in the company.

We are starting the seminar among our business members, and once the momentum builds, we plan to spread the word to our clients’ account managers (whom we deal with daily). They can invite the women within their offices to grow the movement exponentially.

To gain more awareness of the initiative, we’re in the process of making a section on our website for this new monthly event. We’re also creating flyers that we’ll be posting on all of our social media sites. So watch this space!

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